Fae Magick Foundation

Building a Brighter Future for today's underprivileged youth through creative self-expression & storytelling...


Fae Magick Foundation

(Non-Profit Charity Organization in development).

Our philosophy: To encourage today's underprivileged youth to "Dream. Believe. Achieve. Inspire. And let their inner Fae Magick light the way…" to becoming the next generation of inspiring role models and world changers, by achieving success and ultimately their true potential in life, and thus, by helping to Build a Brighter Future for tomorrow's underprivileged youth here in the USA and even internationally as our company and non-profit continues to expand over the next several years.

Schedule of Events & How You Can Get Involved or Donate 
~Coming Soon~

~Faery Kisses, Mairi (the Celtic Faery Princess)~

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