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Mairi, The Celtic Faery Princess

Once Upon a Dream
young girl, named Marissa, sat alone with her thoughts one summer's day. As she opened her new journal with pen in hand ready to escape into a far away place, the blank page stared back. "What to write?" she mused, when inspiration soon took flight. At that moment she was granted the gift of storytelling by Mairi, a delightful sprite of dreams, and would then embark on a Faery Magickal journey filled with wonder, passion, and adventure. One that continues to this day...

Writing as Award-winning author Marissa MacFae, her titles include: 
THE CELTIC DESTINY series (returning to print July 20th)
KING'S CROSSING: A NOVEL (EBook TBA/Special Print Edition coming October 13th)
THE GHOSTS of EIRE series (Book One coming late 2017)

She has also built a successful brand and non-profit, It's Fae Magick! by Marissa MacFae; and is a recognized Fantasy fashion model. As The Mari of former celeb-power-duo #ColiMari (with her now ex-best friend & mentor, actor Colin Egglesfield) she has turned the many hard lessons life has given her into the inspiration needed to becoming a role model for today's young girls and women, by empowering them to achieve their true potential in life as well.

Marissa is an Advocate and Philanthropist devoted to preventing bullying amongst our youth as well ending the stigmas associated with mental illness (both from personal experience) and even homelessness. Her non-profit plans include establishing a housing program for homeless women with provided training and mentorship to help them return to a life filled with passion and purpose, as working members/leaders of their community (more can be found on The Fae Magick Foundation page), in part, of her connection and commitment to The Tory Burch Foundation's #EmbraceAmbition campaign. Her message of #WomenEmpoweringWomen is at the forefront of all her work efforts.

When not working on her many projects and assignments, Marissa enjoys spending her free-time at the beach or hiking in the Hollywood Hills with her Papillon/Faery Pup named JoeyBear. She currently resides in Studio City, California. And can be found on Twitter, FB (coming soon), and Instagram.

"A Dream is a wish your heart makes…" ~Quote from Disney's "Cinderella" (her all-time fave faery-tale). 

Have a Faery Magickal Day! ~Mairi, the Celtic Faery Princess

P.S. I love receiving mail, so please drop me a note (see Faery Mail tab) and Have a Faery Magickal Day! Xoxo, Mari

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