Fae Magick Shoppe

Online Book & Gift Store 

(Coming Late 2017)

Here you'll find signed copies of my books (not available at any other book retailers except at book-signings), It's Fae Magick! by Marissa MacFae logo merchandise (t-shirts, coffee mugs, back-to-school gear, etc), along with the highly-anticipated Make A Wish Faery Charm bracelets  & necklaces (customizable to say what's on your heart) w/proceeds benefiting Make A Wish Foundation Los Angeles), and so much more.

**Note: a portion of all sales goes to support charities/causes we here at It's Fae Magick! by Marissa MacFae support via the Fae Magick Foundation (complete list of charities/causes we support coming soon) as we are committed to finding ways to provide today's underprivileged youth with the necessary educational opportunities to achieving their true potential in life and also by helping to make dreams or rather wishes come true for many terminally-ill hospitalized children in the Los Angeles area. :)

Check Back Soon!

~Faery Kisses, Mairi (the Celtic Faery Princess)

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